Annual General Assemblies of HSA Group Companies Commence in Yemen

Annual General Assemblies of HSA Group Companies Commence in Yemen

24 May 2023 - Sanaa – The annual meetings of the general assemblies of HSA Group companies in the Yemen region have officially commenced. Abdul Jabbar Hayel Saeed, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of HSA Group, warmly welcomed esteemed shareholders, company owners, and representatives from official institutions at this significant gathering.

In his opening remarks, the chairman extended heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated employees of the group's companies. Despite the ongoing challenges and difficulties posed by the current events in Yemen, he acknowledged their unwavering commitment to excellence, which has enabled the companies to maintain their performance.

The inaugural session of the general assemblies took place in the presence of key figures, including Nabil Hayel Saeed, Managing Director of the Yemen Region, Shawki Ahmed Hayel, Chief Operating Officer, and Mahmoud Shaarawi, CEO of Legal Affairs and Compliance.

During the meetings, the attendees reviewed the financial reports of the group's companies, covering the period ending on December 31, 2022. The reports from the companies' auditors were also examined, with shareholders expected to approve them. The participation of representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as well as relevant authorities, added to the transparency and credibility of the proceedings.

The Legal Affairs and Compliance Department had earlier initiated the business sessions of the general assemblies in Sanaa, garnering substantial participation from the group's executive business leaders, board chairpersons, shareholders, and representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. These meetings are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Yemeni Companies Law.

The group is poised to continue hosting its annual meetings for the remaining companies in the Yemen region, with the upcoming sessions scheduled to be held in Aden Governorate throughout September, as per the agenda approved by the Board of Directors.

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