To celebrate World Humanitarian Day, we are shining a light on workers from around the world who have been there when others were not.

We’re celebrating humanitarians

There aren’t many people who willingly enter areas where others fear to tread. They are fearless and courageous, putting others before themselves. These are the people we are celebrating on World Humanitarian Day on 19th August. These are the people who help us to support our local communities, through education and humanitarian programmes, along with supporting our efforts to tackle Covid in Yemen.

A world in crisis

Hunger, war, floods, fires, earthquakes and now a global pandemic. It’s fair to say our world is in crisis. It’s a dark place for millions of people. But in the darkness, there is always light. That’s why we’re celebrating healthcare and humanitarian workers around the world, who put their own lives at risk to be there for people who really need help. They are the true unsung heroes, and that’s why we are shining a light on them on World Humanitarian Day.

Yemen’s Humanitarian Heroes

Yemen is a country of beautiful people and places. But it is also suffering through a humanitarian and developmental crisis. According to the United Nations, over 24.1 million people, or 80% of the population, are in need of humanitarian aid or protection. On top of that, 3 million people have been displaced, with USD 90 billion in economic output lost and over 58% of the population living in extreme poverty. But that does not mean there is no hope. Organisations like the UN and others are working tirelessly to deliver essential humanitarian and development assistance across Yemen. It’s their dedication that provides the people of Yemen with hope.

They are the shining lights in Yemen. And we salute them.

Spread the word and thank those heroes

We’ve shone some light on our humanitarian workers, now we’re asking you to share your story, or show your appreciation for these brave people, using #YouWereThere.